Keep Your Ear to the Street


Legends Thursday Podcast, a graffiti podcast, hosted by a retired writer that goes by the name of “Coupe.” He was an active writer for about a decade and has now dedicated himself to giving back to the graffiti community in a different way.

I can’t find a single other graffiti-related podcast out there. If there is one out there, it would be a stretch of the imagination to believe that they are cranking out the same quality types of interviews and interesting content that Legends Thursday is producing.

The podcast is bi-weekly (Monday and Thursday) and has interviews that cover legendary graffiti writers, legendary crews, and even have tribute podcasts for fallen graffiti legends. Hence the name, Legends Thursday. They even have some really interesting interviews with lawyers, explaining the legality of writing; doctors, explaining the health risks of writing; and even a conversation with two railroad workers, explaining their take on freight train graffiti.

I’m a semi-regular listener and even I sometimes get tripped up by the terminology they use because these guys are absolute pros at what they do. They know the ins and the outs of graffiti writing from personal experience and from being involved in the community for so long. I highly, highly, highly recommend giving it a listen whether on not you are in tune with the graffiti community. I’ve learned so much from the podcast and so will you.

So I’ll say it here: Thank you Legends Thursday for doing what you are doing. It means a lot to graffiti enthusiasts¬†like myself and others.


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